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Endorsements for Love’s Executioner

Bernie S. Siegel

“These stories are wonderful. They make us realize that within every human being lie the pain and the beauty that make life worthwhile.”

Eva Hoffman for the New York Times

“Dr. Yalom demonstrates once again that in the right hands, the stuff of therapy has the interest of the richest and most inventive fiction.”

San Francisco Chronicle

“Inspired.... He writes with the narrative wit of O. Henry and the earthy humor of Isaac Bashevis Singer.”

Los Angeles Times Book Review

"Yalom is a gifted storyteller, and from the sound of these tales, a no-less-gifted psychotherapist."

Erica Jong

"Love’s Executioner is one of those rare books that suggests both the mystery and the poetry of the psychotherapeutic process. The best therapists are at least partly poets. With this riveting and beautifully written book, Irvin Yalom has joined their ranks."

Phillip Lopate

"This is an impressive transformation of clinical experience into literature. Dr. Yalom’s case histories are more gripping than 98 percent of the fiction published today, and he has gone to amazing lengths of honesty to depict himself as a realistic flesh-and-blood character: funny, flawed, perverse, and, above all, understanding."

Maggie Scarf

"These remarkably moving and instructive tales of the psychiatric encounter bring the reader into novel territories of the mind—and the landscape is truly unforgettable."

Anthony Storr

“Dr. Yalom is unusually honest, both with his patients and about himself.”

Joanne Greenberg

“I loved Love’s Executioner. Dr. Yalom has learned something that fiction writers learned years ago—that people’s mistakes are a lot more interesting than their triumphs.”