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Endorsements for Lying on the Couch

Los Angeles Times

"If Freud or Jung had set out to write a psychological thriller, I doubt that either one could have come up with a yarn as taut and telling as Lying on the Couch, a dazzling psychiatric whodunit by one of the leading theorists and practitioners of psychotherapy in our own times… Yalom brings to his latest work of fiction an authentic mastery of the techniques of psychotherapy and a real genius for showing the reader what is really going on inside the head of a psychiatrist while he or she is shrinking someone.”

New York Times

"Lying on the couch raises important questions about truth-telling on both sides of the couch.”

San Jose Mercury News

"This may be the funniest and most sensitive novel ever written about psychoanalysis."

San Francisco Chronicle

"Yalom's insight into his own profession is sharp and merciless, recalling both Oliver Sacks and Studs Terkel. This is a novel for anyone who wants to know how the mind of a psychotherapist really works."