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Endorsements for When Nietzsche Wept

Rollo May

"In this admirable novel, Irvin Yalom fulfills his promise as a powerful storyteller and a brilliant diviner of the human psyche.”

The Boston Sunday Globe

"...a carefully-researched richly-imagined novel, [in which] Friedrich Nietzsche and the Viennese physician Joseph Breuer... ‘bring forth the infant psychotherapy’”

The Los Angeles Times

“If Freud or Jung had set out to write a psychological thriller, I doubt that either one could have come up with a yarn as taut and telling”

Theodore Roszak, author of Flicker

"...Irvin Yalom’s next (psycho) logical step forward from Love’s Executioner. Deep thought wrapped up in superb storytelling. What more could one ask?"

The Chicago Tribune

"When Nietzsche Wept is the best dramatization of a great thinker’s thought since Sartre’s ‘The Freud Scenario’."

Diane Wood Middlebrook, author of Anne Sexton

"Gripping as a detective story…Yalom’s novel puts in motion in their own world characters who changed the course of intellectual history in the West…a marvelous achievement."

San Francisco Chronicle

"A pleasure to read both for its intriguing cross-discussion of philosophy and emerging psychotherapy,and for its powerful evocation of the eccentric characters of Nietzsche and Breuer."

Colin Walters, Washington Times

"Absolutely gripping. A moving and well-wrought tale, offering the reader who likes novels of ideas as much pleasure as he or she will have had in a long time.”

Chicago Tribune

“Strong and authentic. The element of surprise is a magical, jolting moment.”

Palo Alto Peninsula Times Tribune

“A fascinating novel of what might have been had the embryonic geniuses of Sigmund Freud and Friedrich Nietzsche collided. A fascinating story and a real page-turner … Yalom demonstrates that rare combination of scientific understanding and genuinely playful imagination, expressed throughout in a clear, graceful prose style.”

Washington Post Book World

“Strong and authentic. The element of surprise is a magical, jolting moment.”