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Endorsements for The Schopenhauer Cure


Kirkus Reviews

"A beautifully wrought tale of a therapy group’s final year and a moving debate about the end of life."

Washington Post

"Considers the value and limits of therapy and those points at which philosophy and psychology converge."

Los Angeles Times

"Yalom’s enthusiasm is contagious. And he certainly knows how to tell a page-turning story."

Library Journal

"As a novel of ideas, this book effectively explores loss, sexual desire, and the search for meaning."

San Francisco Chronicle

"Yalom’s melding of philosophy, pedantry, psychiatry and literature result in a surprisingly engaging novel of ideas."

Greensboro News & Record

"The world’s first accurate group-therapy novel, a mesmerizing story of two men’s search for meaning."

Publisher’s Weekly

"Meticulous. [Yalom’s] re-creation of a working therapy group is utterly convincing"