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Endorsements for Staring at the Sun


Erica Jong, author, Fear of Flying, Shylock’s Daughter, Inventing Memory, and Sappho’s Leap 

"Irvin Yalom has written a brave, intelligent book on the last forbidden subject—death. I honor his courage and rare insight.”

Robin Meyers, minister of
Mayflower UCC Church of Oklahoma City, 
and author, Why the Christian Right Is Wrong

“This thoughtful treatment of the ultimate fear has much to offer people of faith, especially Western Christians. Instead of fearing death, which gave birth to religion itself, we can confront it in a true act of faith and stop denying it through fantasies of immortality. This is a wise book by a wise man about the most taboo of all subjects. Read it, and fear not.”

Christopher Hitchens, author, God Is Not Great  

Staring at the Sun is a thoughtful reinforcement of the stoicism that we all need in a time when babble and denial are all the rage.”

Andrew Solomon, author, The Noonday Demon
winner of the National Book Award  

Staring at the Sun looks experientially and psychodynamically at our deepest fear and describes with uncommon eloquence and deep humanity how we may arrive at a form of peace. The book is witty and kind and unflinching, a generous meditation that should give comfort to the dying and to those they leave behind.”

Rabbi Harold Kushner, author, 
When Bad Things Happen to Good People  

“One of America’s finest therapists guides us through one of life’s most challenging tasks in this profoundly helpful book. It will benefit anyone who reads it.”

Laura Miller, New York Times  

““Yalom is the Scheherazade of the couch, his work a marvelous exercise in storytelling.”

Rollo May, author, Love and Will, The Meaning of Anxiety, Man’s Search for Himself, 
and The Courage to Create

“Irvin Yalom writes like an angel about the devils that besiege us.”

George Valliant, author, Aging Well, and director of the Harvard Medical School Study of Adult Development 

“Irv Yalom has written a beautiful and courageous book—a book that comforts even as it explores and confronts death. Yalom helps us understand that we must all come to grips with a paradox: The physicality of death destroys us; the idea of death saves us.”

Jack D. Barchas, M.D., chair and psychiatrist-in-chief,
Weill Cornell Medical College, NewYork-Presbyterian
Hospital, Payne Whitney Manhattan and Westchester 

“In Staring at the Sun, Irv Yalom brings uncommon wisdom as a gifted psychiatrist now in his mid-seventies to a universal
human experience: the terror of death. He provides a brilliant,
enriching, and transforming perspective to our fears. Staring at the Sun is riveting, compelling, and ultimately uplifting reading. A crowning achievement.”

Harold Ramis, actor, writer, and director 
(GhostbustersGroundhog Day, and Analyze This

“In Staring at the Sun, Dr. Yalom shares with us the problems of his patients linked to their mortality, his compassionate, healing insight into their death anxiety, and perhaps most movingly, his own feelings and personal experiences with death. While the existential realities of death, isolation, and meaninglessness may seem at first bleak and full of despair, Dr. Yalom’s existential approach helps his readers frame these realities in positive and meaningful ways that foster personal growth and intensify our connections to others and to the world around us.”