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Endorsements for The Theory & Practice of Group Psychotherapy


Samuel T. Gladding, Ph.D., President, American Counseling Association (2004-2005)

“The quintessential book in the field of group work. It covers all of the main ideas and pragmatic methods that anyone leading a group of any kind must master before beginning such a task. Yalom, with Leszcz, has digested and molded the latest research in the field, along with classic studies, into an enjoyable and enlightening reading experience. The reader will discover the core mechanisms necessary for change to occur in groups. In addition, ways of dealing with difficult group members and means of accomplishing basic tasks are laid out. This volume is both rich in language and deep in practice.”

William E. Piper, Ph.D., Director, Psychotherapy Program, Department of Psychiatry, University of British Columbia

“Yalom and Leszcz masterfully apply their interpersonal approach to a wide range of contemporary topics, and group therapies that are not addressed in previous editions. What is remarkable is the smooth integration of vivid case examples, logically derived clinical knowledge, and up-to-date research findings. The fifth edition of this classic text represents compelling and informative reading for trainees and group therapists of all experience levels.”

Dennis M. Kivlighan, Jr., Ph.D. editor, Group Dynamics: Theory, Research and Practice

“How do you improve on the classic group psychotherapy text? Keep the innovative and heuristic conceptual framework and engaging writing style and critically incorporate the changing group paradigms and the important empirical findings. Yalom and Leszcz have produced the new classic group psychotherapy text. This edition is a must read for all therapists, students and researchers.”

Hillel I. Swiller, M.D., Director, Division of Psychotherapy, Mount Sinai Medical Center

“Further enhances its already well established position as the single best book in the field of group psychotherapy and one of the enduring classics in all the literature of psychotherapy. It is comprehensive, profound, and beautifully written.”

American Journal of Psychiatry

“Probably the best single-author book on the subject ever written.”

Contemporary Psychology

“This is far and away the best book about group psychotherapy.Yalom writes fluently, knowledgeably, and with clarity and uncommon good sense.”

British Journal of Psychotherapy

“In an extremely reader-friendly fashion Yalom systematically introduces us to a pragmatic interpersonal approach to group psychotherapy which he reviews from all angles. The book is an almost automatic recommendation for the person about to conduct his first group.”

British Journal of Guidance and Counselling

“A delight to read: a most important and enriching book for anyone practicing group therapy or counselling on either side of the Atlantic.”